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Internet And Website For Sale (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, United States) Asking Price:$2043097

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Internet And Website For Sale

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Delivering English and French language lessons via video conferencing (Skype/MSN Messenger) and via e-mail, this turn-key teaching portal (already bringing in some revenue from lesson sales and recently set up to receive additional banner ad revenue) is a unique web-based service designed for the rapidly growing, worldwide e-learning industry estimated to be worth over $48 billion (a conservative estimate by the European Commission). This is an absolutely unique opportunity for a foreign buyer to operate this Canadian-registered business with a registered Canadian trade-mark remotely or transfer it to your home country. An investment in marketing from an e-learning visionary will allow this Canadian start-up to capitalize on the foundation that's been so methodically built. This e-commerce enabled, online language service is poised to become a leading Internet-based language training provider by targeting important ESL markets such as China, Russia, Japan, South Korea, South America and the Middle East. At the moment, almost 170 highly qualified and carefully screened, native English and French tutors are available to teach and more can be hired to increase operations. This e-learning platform with tremendous growth potential targets corporate clients, business professionals and average Internet users around the world in multiple languages. It allows students flexibility and convenience to get personalized, quality language learning at home via the Internet. With its clean design, user-friendly interface in seven popular languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese), smooth management tools, competitive pricing and an easy payment system, this service is the perfect, clean revenue source in the right hands. Intellectual property, Canadian trade-mark, copyright material and web-based content are all included in the price.

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